Father’s Day 2017 – Walla Crag

What better way for my husband to spend Father’s Day than with some quality time with the kids?

I told him he couldn’t have a lie in because we were heading out for the day. Looking back, it might not have been the best idea to try and tackle a mountain, on the hottest day of the year, with our 4 and 6 year old kids and our crazy dog, but quality family time is few and far between so that’s what we did.

We parked at Great Wood National Trust (we love the NT) car park and set off to walk up the the top of Walla Crag. Climbing up the side of Cat Gill was steep but the trees provided some much needed shade. Once we got out of the wood it was very hot, and we were still heading up.

Coming toward to summit of Walla Crag with our littlest in tow was like ascending Everest. You took two steps forward, then had to acclimatise, and do some pre-school coaxing, before moving on to the next two steps. The views more than made up for the toddler-dragging and everyone was placated with a snack at the top.

Coming down is always so much easier and the older child even tried her hand at some trail running. She has amazing form and if she sticks at it and builds some stamina, I think she could be a fell runner in the making.


As we got back to the car park we had a picnic and took the hot dog down to the lake. The children swam, the dog swam. Our beach on the shore of Derwent Water provided some spectacular views.



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