Using other people to raise your kids

For a long time I have been a believer in the fact that I can’t raise my kids on my own. I just can’t, and it’s not helpful to them. They need a variety of people around them, to support them, help form them, provide them with a different world view, give them different life experiences in order for them to be well rounded individuals.


A friend of mine recently posted a link to this article from Beth Berry, which explains beautifully the problem with using a ‘village’ to raise children. The villages just aren’t there. We lack a sense of community and children are suffering because of it.

I do my best to provide my children with positive role models, from as wide a range as possible, but our self-sufficient, closed door lifestyle sometimes gets in the way of this. I go through patches of putting all my energy into ‘doing’ as much as possible so that the family has a range of contacts, activities and people around, but this is exhausting and usually lasts a few weeks before burn out.

This article helpfully identifies the need to perhaps concentrate on one aspect of your life and throw yourself whole-heartedly into that, whilst perhaps saying no to other things. It’s not rocket science is it?! But I’m rubbish at it. So, in an aim to re-evaluate and try to gain depth in relationships rather than just lots of them that are fairly shallow, I’m trying to take this advice on board. I’m just working out what to throw myself into!



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