Creating a space for the kids to be

We have been in our house for nearly a year and have done lots of work, but there’s still lots to do. However, with the arrival of summer our attention turned to the garden. The previous owner was obviously a keen gardener who kept a beautiful garden but we had let it turn into an over-grown wilderness. The things we wanted from a garden were: a space for everyone and something that wouldn’t be a huge chore.

This weekend saw a pushed effort on the kids section of the garden. The in-laws came to help and the hubby has worked extra hard and it looks amazing. The children have a whole area that’s just for them and their friends. Already today we’ve had other children in to test it out, and it got a big thumbs up

I’m in to free-range parenting, but, I think that if we can make our home (and garden) comfortable, appealing and welcoming our children and their friends might actually want to spend some time here. That way we can strengthen our relationship with the kids but also get to know their friends more as they come over and join in.

So, we’re looking forward to a summer with a garden full of kids (and wine chilling in the fridge when they all go home!).


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