School Days

Tomorrow my 4 year old son goes for a morning at the school he’ll start in September. This is my second child so I (as does he) know the school well. We’re aware of the set up and some of the children that will be in his class, but he’s my baby and it just feels too soon.

We’re currently going through managing his emotions. Over the last couple of days the excitement of looking forward to starting school has become a reality. He has told me he is a little bit scared. I have told him this is normal and teachers will be there to care for him and look after him. He is independent and resilient but, like all of us, when we do something new, the unknown can fill us with apprehension. But, he’ll come home with new stories to tell, new friends to play with, and looking forward even more to September.

And then in September my baby will go to school. He will make me incredibly proud but it will be with a little sadness that I let him go.


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