School ‘we hope by having you in this morning will make September easier’ morning

Child-the-younger happily dropped his sister off at school this morning because he was staying! School were having a try-day before he starts in September. He was so excited on the way, even the rain didn’t dampen spirits.

We took child-the-elder into school first so I could give him my undivided attention in case of any last minute clinginess / tantrum / walk out the door and never want to go to school again moments. He seemed a bit apprehensive when we eventually got into the classroom but we know a few (very few) of the children and so I palmed him off on a couple we know and left him happily playing tractors. As I walked out of the door he gave me a beaming smile and a wave. I left with my smug-pants well and truely pulled up. I had prepared my child well for school and managed the dropping him off seamlessly.

Hubby was picking him up at lunch time. At lunch I got a phone call to say the morning hadn’t gone as well as expected. One of the children we know had forgotten his name so wouldn’t ply with him, he need the toilet and wasn’t allowed to go (I’m not sure we got the whole story about this), the older children he had been playing with then moved up to the next class as the whole school were having a moving up day.

There had been some positives. He’d had a chocolate chip cookie at snack time (if you want kids to settle chocolate is a winner), they’d had a disco, he wants friends over to play at our house. 

He has another morning at school tomorrow. I wait to see how the drop off will be but fingers crossed with a bit of bribery (daddy is taking him out for lunch) it’ll be fine.

School try-days are great if they go well, but if they don’t, it’s going to be a long summer.


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