Cursive writing

We’re a week into the new school year, I have a child in Year 3 and one starting Reception. The school they attend teaches cursive writing from reception.

I don’t get it! I’ve read the arguements that cursive writing allows children the ability to read a variety of texts (historic documents), in the long run it’s faster to write in a joined up way etc. However, in a digital age where most of the text they read isn’t cursive, and there’s an increasing desire to use technology I can’t see why such an emphasis is put on it.

My 7 year old struggles with cursive. It definitely takes her longer than forming single characters and she becomes frustrated. There is an arguement that not everything should be easy but because she is frustrated her creativity is being affected. She decides to write the bare minimum because it takes her too long to write what she wants to. People struggle to read her work back so she doesn’t want to show anyone. If she just writes in single characters then she’ll write for ages, and really enjoy the process and the outpouring of her mind on to the page. She is struggling through but is not happy and I’m painfully aware that my son is going to start this process in his reception class very soon.

I’d be interested to hear other people’s thoughts on the cursive writing debate. Is it worth persevering with? Should I be encouraging them to write in single characters at home? Is there a place for cursive writing in today’s curriculum?


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